Essential information before you buy

When you purchase a PRO SIMRIG product, such as a PSR1 rig, PSR3 rig, a monitor stand, or any other parts, they will be shipped to you in separate components. This means that you will need to assemble and build the product using the provided parts. Please note that basic tools will be required for the assembly process, which are not included with the shipment.

Upon receiving your rig, monitor stand, or other parts from PRO SIMRIG, you will find all the necessary angles, bolts, nuts, and other components included for the assembly. Depending on your existing gear, such as monitors, wheels, pedals, etc., you may need to visit a local hardware store to acquire specific parts if they are not already included with those peripherals.

As all our parts are machined from raw materials, it is natural to expect minor scratches and scuffs.

Please be aware that product photos may depict items that are not included or are not part of our specific product, such as wheels, monitors, pedals, and other accessories.

Sim racing, particularly in terms of hardware, generates significant enthusiasm. There are numerous factors to consider.

When purchasing your first rig, it is crucial to determine whether you are primarily a gamer or a driver.

While most individuals begin as gamers, they often progress to becoming drivers. Initially, many opt for entry-level gear to ascertain whether sim racing is a long-term pursuit or just a passing interest. As their driving skills evolve, they seek to enhance their setup by adding new gear.

Purchasing your first rig is a transformative experience, significantly elevating the realism of your sim racing involvement. At this point, you transition from being a mere gamer to embodying the role of a genuine driver.

However, it is important to note that this step comes with a significant increase in cost, and new gear often carries inflated prices. Navigating the market to determine which products offer the best value and contribute most to the driving experience can be overwhelming.

To cater to different needs, we have designed our rig to be as flexible as possible. You can start by purchasing a basic rig and later expand it with various add-ons and accessories.

Now, let us guide you through the process of purchasing our rig and the choices you will encounter along the way.

Purchasing Your PRO SIMRIG: Before acquiring your sim rig, it is essential to determine the type of wheel you desire, as the appropriate bracket will be selected to fit the rig.

We offer three versions of brackets that are compatible with most wheels.


Driving Position:

Next, you have the option to choose between a high, medium, or low rig configuration (kit sold separately). If you prefer a low seating position with elevated pedals, simulating the feel of being in a Formula car, the low version is suitable. On the other hand, if you prefer a high seating position with pedals positioned lower, replicating the experience of sitting in a GT car, the high version is ideal.

Our pedal sections offer great flexibility, enabling you to adjust their height according to your specific preferences.



Consider the type of surface your rig will be placed on. If the surface is highly uneven, it is advisable to purchase adjustable feet to stabilize the rig. For slightly uneven surfaces, our floor mat can be used for adjustments.


We offer a variety of add-ons to cater to your personal preferences. You can add a side mount if you intend to use a manual gear shifter, a PC table for an all-in-one setup, or even a keyboard tray and mouse pad tray, among other accessories. We continually expand our range of available add-ons.


Screen Options:

Next, it's time to choose the monitor stand that suits your needs. We offer both light and heavy versions for all our stands, as well as stand-alone or integrated options.

For monitors up to 32 inches with Vesa 100 (50/75/100), we recommend the light version. For larger monitors, starting from 32.5 inches, with Vesa 100 (50/75/100) or Vesa 200 (50/75/100/150/200), we suggest opting for the heavy version.

You also have the choice between a single or triple screen stand. A triple screen setup is ideal for a complete immersive driving experience, but you can start with a single screen setup and later add a triple screen add-on if desired.

Furthermore, we offer a top screen monitor stand that is compatible with both single and triple screen configurations. All these options are available in aluminium silver and black.


Seat Options:

We collaborate with various seat suppliers, and you can directly purchase your preferred seat from our dealers. Additionally, we invite you to explore our accessories section, where you will find cupholders, loose brackets, and more. Please note that side brackets, which are essential for mounting a (side mounted) seat on your rig, must be purchased separately. For those seeking enhanced adjustability, a slider can be added.



In summary, we have designed our rigs to provide a straightforward and effortless setup process. Should you require upgrades in the future, you can easily expand your existing rig by adding compatible components.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries. We are here to assist you.

If you would like to engage in a conversation with us, you can join our Discord server.