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Interchangeable wheel mounts

You have a choice of wheel mounts: 

1) Wheel bracket CSL DD/DD1/DD2 (Fanatec CSL DD/DD1/DD2)
2) Front bracket (the only one showed now) (Simucube, VRS, MIGE, Leo Bodnar, etc.)
3) Wheel bracket misc. (supports multiple bottom mounted wheel bases including Fanatec CSL DD/DD1/DD2, other Fanatec wheels, Thrustmaster, Logitech, etc.)

Additional wheel brackets are available separately so that if you change your wheel base in the future, you can swap our for a new wheel mount.

We are still working on the website, so for now we are only showing the Front bracket.

Multi-adjustment pedal section

Alternative seat heights

The PSR1 has 3 different height versions: High, Medium, and Low.

The difference being how high the seat is mounted in comparison to the height of the pedals.

Low version: Seat low, pedals high. This simulates the feeling of driving a formula car.

High version: Seat high, pedals low. This simulates the feeling of driving a GT car and is our most popular version.

A low or medium version can always be altered to a high version, with an additional upgrade kit.

Also available in silver

Where to Buy PRO SIMRIG

Multiple Accessories

The PSR1 is designed to provide maximum flexibility as you evolve your driving skills and experience new styles and requirements in sim racing.

You can start with a basic rig, then add accessories later.

The highly adjustable design of the PSR1 Rig allows you to assemble the product to fit your individual needs. Regardless of your height, the PSR1 can be adjusted more or less on every aspect both horizontally as well as vertically.

Where to Buy PRO SIMRIG

 Note: Monitors, PC stand, rig feet, floor mat, seat, monitor stands and pedals are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately.




The PSR1 comes with the base section, vertical section, wheel section (with a wheel bracket of your choice) and adjustable pedal section.

All parts such as corner brackets, bolts, nuts etc. are included.

A note on pedals: if your pedals mount from the top, they will screw directly into the pedal section slots using t-slot nuts and bolts. However, if your pedals mount from underneath, then you will need a compatible pedal plate (see your pedal manufacturer for the correct plate). If you are in any doubt, contact us and we will make sure you have the right pedal setup.



  • Length: 1350mm
  • Width: 660mm (outside of wheel mount uprights)
  • Height: 820mm (top of wheel mount uprights)

Where to Buy PRO SIMRIG