Monitor Stands


Any Colour - so long as it's Silver or Black

You have a choice of two colours: Silver or Black


Single, Double, Triple or Quad?

Monitor stands are available in four configurations:

Single Monitor
Dual Monitors (main single and top)
Triple Monitors (main three)
Quad Monitors (main three and top)

    Light or Heavy?

    Light Monitor Stands are suitable for monitors up to 32". These monitors are typically up to around 8KG (per monitor)

    Heavy Monitor Stands are suitable for larger (and heavier) monitors

    Top monitor stands are available in the light design.

    Multiple VESA mounting options

    The vast majority of monitors are VESA 100, so this probably what you need. However, it is best to check with the specification of your monitor just to make sure. If you have any doubt, please contact us and we can help you make the right choice.

    Quad Monitor Setup (showing 27" monitors)


    The PRO SIMRIG Monitor Stands are designed with maximum stability in mind.

    All PRO SIMRIG Monitor Stands are designed to stand separately from the main rig. This means that small vibrations cannot be transferred between the rig and the monitor stands. This is particularly important if you use bass shakers or similar devices, or if you intend to add motion to your rig.

    The highly adjustable design of the monitor stands allows you to assemble the product to fit your individual needs. Regardless of your height, or the height of your rig, each monitor stand can be adjusted more or less on every aspect both horizontally as well as vertically.





    All parts such as corner brackets, bolts, nuts etc. are included.


    Single Monitor Stand Dimensions:

    • Length (front to back): 600mm (feet)
    • Max Width: 1200mm (length of centre bar)
    • Max Height: 1240mm (Light) or 1280mm (Heavy)

    Triple Monitor Stand Dimensions:

    • Length (front to back): 600mm (feet)
    • Max Width: 1200mm (length of centre bar) + triple arms (500mm each) (580mm each for Heavy)
    • Max Height: 1240mm (Light) or 1280mm (Heavy)


    Triple Light with Top Stand

    Triple Light


    Single Heavy