Our Story

"In November 2019, my husband, Per Strandvig, embarked on an ambitious endeavor of constructing his own rig from scratch, following a period of using simpler equipment.

Prior to deciding on building his own rig, he dedicated extensive time to researching the market, often consumed by this pursuit. Through his exploration, he discovered that the market was frequently characterized by inflated prices and a lack of alignment between price and quality. Consequently, he resolved to build his own rig.

Upon completion of the rig, he experienced an immense sense of pride. According to his account, he immediately noticed a remarkable difference while racing. The rig transformed his gaming experience, allowing him to truly feel like a professional driver. The immersion in the rig was incredibly authentic, replicating the closest possible approximation to reality. His passion became all-consuming.

Per possesses a wealth of experience in successfully establishing startups and presently manages a company specializing in antenna production. This background equips him with substantial knowledge of manufacturing and production processes, as well as access to engineers and reliable suppliers.

As an accountant with extensive involvement in startup ventures, I bring my economic expertise and business acumen to the table. After numerous in-depth discussions, we decided to join forces and turn rig production into our business endeavor. We firmly believed that we could create rigs that were not only on par with existing products in the market, but potentially even superior and more cost-effective.

Thus, we took the plunge and embarked on this remarkable adventure.

Right from the outset, our commitment was unwavering—we were determined to deliver a product of exceptional quality without any compromises. And so, our journey began. We collaborated closely with our mechanical engineers to ensure that the rig adhered to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Each engineering drawing had to be meticulously crafted with precise measurements and tolerances.

Some may find our rig familiar in appearance, and indeed, there are similarities among rigs as they are designed to accommodate most direct drives such as Fanatec, Simucube, and others. Consequently, the template and footprint are bound to exhibit resemblances.

Simultaneously, we maintained constant communication with our suppliers, ensuring they could meet the exacting requirements outlined in our engineering drawings. Throughout the procurement process, we meticulously scrutinized every detail. Thorough quality control was conducted, and we obtained samples of every component for personal approval, ensuring they met our stringent quality standards.

Finally, our hard work paid off. We have the finished product in hand, and we are ready to introduce it to the world. We are filled with excitement and immense pride regarding our rig. We eagerly anticipate commencing this extraordinary journey.

We sincerely hope that you will follow our story as we forge ahead." - Cecilie Strandvig