Our Story

In November 2019, my husband; Per Strandvig, began this crazy journey of building his own rig from the button, after a long period were, he had been driving with much more simple equipment

Before he decided to build his own rig, he spent so much time on researching the marked that I hardly ever saw him. What he found out was that the marked seems to be a bit overpriced, and many times there wasn´t a match between price and quality. So, he decided to build one himself.

When the rig was done, he was so proud and from what he told me, he could immediately feel the difference when he was racing!
He felt that he went from being a gamer to be an actual driver. It was a very reel feeling being in the rig, as close to reality as it could be.  He was obsessed!

Per has successfully been doing start-ups for his whole life and is currently running a company where they produces Antennas. Therefore, he has a lot of experience with productions and manufacturing, as well as access to engineers and purchase from suppliers.

I am an accountant and has been working with start-ups my whole life. So, I have the economic knowledge and skills to run a business.
After many long talks we decided to join forces and making rigs into our business. Because we knew that we could make it as good- or hopefully even better and cheaper than some of the ones that are on the marked now.

So we decided to get our feet wet, and jumped into this amazing adventure.

From the beginning we knew that we would make a high quality product and we wouldn’t compromise.
So our journey began..
We have been working closely with our mechanical engineers, to make sure that the rig has the right quality and look. All engineer drawings must have correct measurements, tolerances etc.

Some will think, it looks like something they have seen before, and yes it does, but the fact is that you sit simular in all Rigs and all Rigs have to fit most direct drives as Fanatec, Simucube etc. and that means that the template / footprint has to look simular.

Concurrently we were in constant communication with our suppliers, to make sure that they could meet the same demand as on our engineer drawings.
In the purchase process we were very aware of every single detail.
So we had a very thorough quality control, and received samples of everything for our personal approval, so we could make sure that everything met our high quality demands.

And finally, everything worked out. We have our final product! And we were ready to launch.
We are really exited and proud of our rig product. And can’t wait to start this amazing journey.

We hope that you will follow our story 😉