Product Manuals

We hope you are enjoying, or about to enjoy your new PRO SIMRIG products.
We just want to remind you to be very careful when unpacking. All aluminium products can scratch easily and we want your PRO SIMRIG products to look as great as they function.
Take care opening the packaging, removing tape, wrap and other packing materials. You may find that some packing material dust or small metal fragments are on the product's surface. DO NOT rub or wipe these off with a cloth or with your hand. This will scratch the surface.
Our recommendation is to use a soft brush (detailing brush is perfect, but a soft paint brush is also fine) and gently brush away all of the loose material until it is clear.
When you have assembled your PRO SIMRIG products, we'd love to see it! Send us a photo!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


PSR1 click here
PSR3 click here
Monitor Stand (Single and Triple) click here
PC Stand click here
Side Mount click here
Keyboard Tray click here
Top Monitor Stand click here
Wheel Mount CSL DD / DD1 / DD2 click here
Wheel Mount Front Bracket click here
Wheel Mount Misc Bracket click here
Universal Holder Assembly Video
Integrated Monitor Mount Assembly Video